Via ferrata fixed rope trail zermatt Mammoth trail

Via Ferrata experience in Zermatt ⛰️

After reaching the nice village of Zermatt by train as it's not possible to get there by car. We rented Via Ferrata equipment in one of the sports shops and asked the tourism office for a nice route to follow. With a whole day in front of us, we had time for a fairly long route. We settled on the  Via ferrata Schweifinen - Route C, also called Mammoth Fixed Rope Trail. It takes about 4hours passing through walls of several levels, the Route A and B which gave the possibility to stop in the middle in case we were tired. Full of excitement and stamina, we decided to go all the way! 

view on the matterhorn
View as you go up to reach the starting point, do you see the Matterhorn?
Jessi on the Mammoth fixed rope trail
The walls are quite steep as you can see!

The route to get to the beginning of the Via Ferrata starts behind the village with a pretty steep hike first though some woods and then exposed to the sun as you get closer to the wall. Don't forget your sunscreen and water, the route is long!

2 Apollo Butterfly, Zermatt, Switzerland
📷: Miles Attenborough

I keep two memories that made this Via Ferrata particularly memorable. The first one was the number of butterflies 🦋 🦋 🦋 we saw along the way. Blue, white or red, with stripes and patterns, it was amazing. Is the month of August known for being butterfly season? These are not my pictures, unfortunately, so I just wanted to give you an impression of what you could see.

The second memory was to speak, sing and wave to paragliders while climbing the route. You'll find yourself at the same level as them, it's quite a strange feeling!

Pauline climbing the Mammoth in Zermatt
Behind me is the Matterhorn!
Via ferrata fixed rope trail zermatt
View on Zermatt below.

Overall, this Via Ferrata route was exciting as it has all sorts of attaches on the way with a beautiful view on the village, the mountains on the other side of the valley and the Matterhorn of course. At the end, you'll find a book in which you can write your experience while sitting with the most awesome view. When you are up, the hike back to the village is quite long. It seemed like never ending because we didn't have enough water and were really thirsty. Fortunately, the sight of beautiful butterflies kept our minds occupied!.

More information about the Via ferrata Schweifinen

View from the Via ferrata, Mammoth zermatt
The Mammoth Fixed Rope Trail - Route C


  • Distance: 5,5 km
  • Time: 4h - for Route A + B + C
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Landscape 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Lowest point: 1603 m
  • Highest point: 2164 m
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