Thanks to all the friends that make us jealous

Every single day we are exposed to countless images and videos of people doing crazy things. Like travelling the world, visiting marvellous places, jumping off cliffs, doing triple back flips or being adventurous in any other way. Of course every once in a while there are the relatively stupid kind of crazy things like eating a spoon of cinnamon and almost dying while trying. But I don’t want to get further into details about those videos (even though we all enjoy them very much 😉

Anyhow, after the first ’wow’ we feel super enthusiastic, motivated and perhaps a tiny bit jealous, wondering what our life could be like if we had become a professional athlete. We would have been outside all day, doing something we are passionate about and simply enjoy ourselves. But then shortly after waking up from our little day dream we continue scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

We vote for more day dreams and longer bucketlists.

But then what do you see… your friend Ellen surfing the South West coast of France, this guy Josh jumping out of planes as if it was nothing and your old roommate Tim climbing in the Dolomites. Again. For the fourth time this year. And you? Well no matter if you were planning to sit on the couch this weekend or your camper is packed and you are ready to go, those guys will make you want more! Now it is not once again this professional GoPro and RedBull sponsored athlete going nuts but it is people you know, friends or family that are going crazy as well. 

Surf in Hossegor, France. 📷: Stefen Ludin

And looking at those damn great photos of my friends, makes me jealous! Doesn’t it make you jealous as well? I mean, they deserve every single second of the fun but it is just that I want to climb in the Alps, surf in Hossegor and jump out of a plane too. Seeing them follow their passion, trying new things and facing new challenges reminds me again what great adventures are out there. They are not so far away and definitely not limited to the GoPro club members only.

You don't need an entrance pass to get to the great outdoors!

Skidiving. 📷: Pierre Luther

So today I would like to say thank you to those friends who do all sorts of great adventures. They inspire me to be active, try new things and be outdoors more often. They make me add new things to my bucket list, turning it into a bucket booklet instead of a list. But most importantly they make us sign up for new and crazy challenges. They motivate us to learn new sports, accomplished greater results and to visit lots of beautiful places.


May they continue to inspire us and may we be able to inspire them as well!

Dare to be out there!

Jessica Eibert
Jessica Eibert

Mountain-lover, paraglider and climber, optimist and globetrotter. Co-founder of The Active Place.