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Surfing and yoga experience in Portugal

Did you know that Portugal’s coast was one of the first places where surfing was practiced in Europe? And that today, it’s European’s surfing mocca – hosting national and international surfing competitions? Well, that’s for a reason: Portugal has the perfect surfing conditions all year round! No matter when, you can rely on finding fun waves to surf!

Why you should consider Portugal for your next surf trip

At the silver coast, the Costa de Prata, reaching from Porto to Ericeira, you can find the biggest waves. So big that even the guiness world record for the longest wave ever surfed (24m) was achieved in one of its resorts (Nazaré) in 2011. There is many more prestigious places, making the Portuguese coast so popular for surfing -  such as Peniche, the yearly host of the World Surf League Tour or Ericeira, the first Surfing Reserve in Europe.

Areia Branca surf beach
Areia Branca surf beach. 📷: Laura Quack

Areia Branca for beginners and intermediates

And besides these famous places, there is still so many hidden spots – offering perfect conditions to surf and enjoy! I discovered such a secret spot just 15km away from Peniche. In the idyllic seashore village Areia branca, I found perfect waves for surfing intermediates and beginners (as the coastal spot slows down the high waves coming from Peniche).

ripar surf school portugal
Surf lesson at Ripar Surf School. 📷: Laura Quack

Portuguese surf camp: Ripar Surf School

I also found one of the probably most authentic surf schools on the Portuguese coast: Ripar Surf School. I got to stay a few days in their surf house, where internationals and locals welcomed me in in such a warm and open way. People do not only share the house here, they share their experiences and moments together. And of course, they practice together. So each morning, after the delicious (and super healthy) breakfast, we kick-started the day with a surfing lesson. The local surf instructors are deeply experienced and made it so much fun to improve my surfing skills (I can promise any surf newbie that this is the place where you will be surfing a wave properly after just a few days!). The cherry on the top were the yoga sessions in between the surf lessons. I was not aware how much Yoga helps to improve focus, balance, and flexibility on the surfboard while it also helps to recover between the lessons.

Morning surf warm up
Morning surf warm up. 📷: Laura Quack
Ripar surf school. 📷: Laura Quack

Connecting with yourself in nature, with surfing, yoga and inspiring people -this pretty much sums it up. There is nothing I can recommend more.

PS: Beginners and intermediates can find the best waves to surf between May and August!

Laura Quack
Laura Quack