An introduction to surfing

Surfing is the art of riding a wave. More than a sport, surfing it is a way of living. Embracing the power of nature which provides the wave and caring about the environment to protect the oceans. Every wave is unique. For some surfers, travelling is like a quest for finding the perfect wave. No matter your level of experience, you'll find a suitable sport to improve your skills and more importantly have tons of fun. It is true that you may spend more time paddling than standing on your board, but these few seconds of surfing are magic. A pure sensation of freedom! You'll find on this page more information about surfing and everything you need to get started.

Surfing the Mediterranean Sea 🌊

You’d rather believe it, there is surf in the Mediterranean Sea. And it gets actually very exciting. This sea is ...
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Costa da Caparica, a little surf gem close to Lisbon

There is actually always something to surf here. Because of Costa’s half protected coastline the big winter swells are working ...
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Scheveningen on a crowded surf day

A day trip to Hawaii just one hour from Amsterdam

Good news guys, no need to travel for days to get to the Big Island anymore. You can find it ...
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Winter surfing in a thick wetsuit

6 life-saving tips to survive the cold water while surfing in winter

 It’s the time of the year when the freezing winter months are getting closer and closer. Long summer nights, warm ...
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Improve your surfing skills

These will get you into the surfing mood

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