An introduction to bouldering

Bouldering is a form of climbing for which tricky route and challenges is at the center of attention. You are climbing on walls up to 4 meters with safety mats underneath and no further equipment needed than your shoes, a bag of chalk and your full concentration. The goal is to solve those boulder routes with technique, strength and balance but often it requires also some creativity to find your way up to the top. With no special equipment needed it is a sport to easily try and follow without intense preparation, so perfect for your next active weekend 😉

Bouldering in fontainebleau helene dutfoy

First bouldering experience in Fontainebleau

I went to Fontainebleau for my first time at the end of April for 3 days with a van. With ...
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The Active Guide for bouldering beginners

No matter the weather indoor bouldering is the perfect activity to stay active all year around. You’ve never done it ...
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Bouldering technique tips 📹

These will get you into the bouldering mood

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