An introduction to snowboarding

With your two feet attached on one board, snowboarding is a balance exercise. Floating on the fresh snow like flying through clouds, carving on wide slopes to gain speed when the snow is groomed or jumping on the boarder cross jumps, snowboarding offer a lot of diversity in its possibilities. No matter whether you have experience in skiing, surfing, skateboarding, or any other sports requiring some balance, snowboarding is worth a try.

Snowboarding in Slovakia with a beautiful view

Snowboarding beginner tips

Snowboarding tips you want to read before you go on your first snowboarding lesson. You’ll thank us later 😉

The Active Place team

Indoor snowboarding in SnowWorld

You can wait for the winter season, you want to improve your skills or learn how to ride on a snowboard? We've been indoor snowboarding and it was fun!

Snowboarding tips 🏂

These will get you into the snowboarding mood

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