An introduction to 🚵 mountain biking

Whether you are an adrenalin seeking outdoor lover or the more calm beauty of nature explorer, mountain biking got it all. The different levels of trails as well as the different types of mountain biking allows you to find the best suitable style for you. It is the perfect adventure both in the mountains and flat lands. And considering that there is a bike rental in every city and even in small villages it is relatively easy to go for a spontaneous ride. 

Mountain biking tips 📹

Watch this video to find out how to get started with mountain biking and how to find the nearest biking trail. 

Those are the most common beginner mountain bike mistakes. Find out how to avoid those top 5 beginner mistakes. 

Great video to follow the evolution of the sport mountain biking and the bike itself. 

These will get you into the Mountainbiking mood

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