Val Thorens by Pauline Klieber

Snowboarding in Val Thorens

You'll realize very quickly that you are at the highest ski resort in Europe located at 23oom of altitude. There, no forest, trees or bushes, but only mountains looking like huge white dunes. The view from up there is phenomenal, especially in the morning and at the end of the afternoon when the sun going to sleep leaves a pink orangish tint in the sky.

Sun set
Pink sky in Val Tho. 📷: Pauline Klieber

Speaking about the snowboarding itself, the ski area offers diverse possibilities. I'm myself a big fan of off piste, sliding though fresh and airy white powder which gives me a feeling of flying through the clouds. You'll find lots of that over there! But always think about safety first. It's always better to talk to a snowboard teacher for example upfront to make sure that the off pistes are safe. Concerning the snow, you can almost have a 100% guaranty that you'll have plenty of it over there, which is something that I particularly like about high altitude resorts such as this one.

Snowbording fun
📷: Pauline Klieber
Sliding down Val Tho slopes
Once upon a time in Val Tho.

In Val Thorens, there is not only amazing off piste of course. The unlimited amount of slopes are so diverse that you can make a different route everyday of your stay. Isn't that amazing? So many great slopes but one I particularly enjoyed is called, La Combe de Caron, a black slope.

Fun times with Miranda Muller,
Fun times with Miranda Muller,

Besides, you can also decide to follow the sun to stay warm in the coldest days since the resort is located at the center of the ski area. At last, I'm not much into snow-parks anymore so I didn't try it there but I know that you'll find pretty sick jumps and ramps! For the ones that like a little bumpy run you should go for the border cross, that one was lots of fun.

Ski Map of Les 3 Vallées

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