Snowboarding in Slovakia with a beautiful view

Snowboarding beginner tips

A snowboarding guide for beginners to get you ready for your first snowboarding lesson

Whether you are about to take your first snowboarding lesson, or simply thinking about it. There are a few things you’ll be happy to know upfront. These might seem a little scary but don’t worry, snowboarding is amazing. You’ll be hooked in no time! Just hang in there, after the first few hours you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll be able to go down some runs in no time. Here is what you need to know to get ready and prepared for your first snowboarding experience.

The snow is wet

Obviously, you already know that… by this I mean, make sure you are wearing the right clothes:  warm, waterproof ski clothes. Pants and jacket or onesie, all works! Up to you to get crazy with the style and bright colors. This tip will save your first snowboarding experience from being a disaster. You’ll be spending quite some time either on your knees or your butt in the snow. Yes, snowboarding at the beginning is mainly standing up and falling. So as long as you are feeling dry, warm and comfortable, you’ll have a great time!

Snowboarding photo by Joshua Reddekopp

The snow goes everywhere

Like water, snow has its way to go everywhere it can, especially on that little piece of bare skin that’s not covered by some warm clothes. Better make sure your belly and lower back are covered getting a freeze on these sensitive areas as you fall in the deep snow. The trick is to put all your thermal clothing, sweater and all in your snowboard pants and try to keep it in! Otherwise the onesie option is to consider.

The snow is hard

You might think that snow is all fluffy and soft like a cloud but don’t be fooled. This white powder can be as hard as ice especially on these cold and sunny days. For your own sake, you might want to consider these 3 things:

  1. Wear a helmet. This is actually mandatory, just do it!
  2. Wear wrist protection
  3. Wear butt cushions. Anything will do!

The most common snowboarding accident is people falling hands first and then, crack… you get a broken wrist. Not cool, especially when it happens on the first day of your holidays! There are some gloves with a wrist protection special for snowboarder. It is just a hard piece integrated in the glove that you’ll be able to remove when you feel comfortable enough without. A good investment!

As for the butt cushions, might sound silly but you’ll actually start thinking about it after the first day as your ass is blue from all the browses. I had some friend adding some tshirts in their pants to dump their fall. Whatever works for you! On the positive side, you’ll be thinking of this first amazing snowboarding experience for a while till the browses go through all color phases: blue, green, purple, before disappearing.

You pretty much know all there is to know before putting yourself through this first snowboarding lesson! No fun without a bit of hard work. Honestly, snowboarding is awesome and you’ll love it! So don’t think twice, dare to take that first snowboarding lesson and enjoy the ride!

Pauline Klieber
Pauline Klieber

Passionate surfer, climber, snowboarder, outdoor adventures enthusiast and traveler. Co-founder of The Active Place.