Snowkiting in Feldberg by Andreas Schwarzkopf

8 reasons why your kite screams for some snow

For a while now kites have left their familiar territories and are exploring the unknown adventures that lie in the snowy mountains. Some of you might have tried it already and some others want to tackle this new challenge this winter. For those who aren’t quite convinced yet we have 8 good reasons that will once and for all get you motivated for some snowkiting.

Reason 1 - Snow & the mountains! Do I need to say more?

The beach and the ocean are beautiful and great but damn right it is winter and where do you want to be? Outside in the snow. On the slopes. And perhaps in the igloo afterwards. But mainly in beautiful white powder. Enjoying that great panoramic view. Looking up to those snowy mountain peaks and down on to the valley roofs topped with that magic winter sparkle. Damn right winter magic is the first reason!

Reason 2 - A piece of cake! Delicious cake!

Compared to kitesurfing snowkiting is quite easy to learn. Of course this requires that you already ski or snowboard but in general the hard part of lifting yourself up in the water isn’t an issue here. You learn how to control the kite and get on the board where the smooth and slippery characteristic of snow will come in handy. So it is like that chocolate cake - easy to make and insanely delicious.

Reason 3 - Jump up, jump up and get down! Jump! Jump! Jump!

You can use the hill or any other snow pile for a jump. I don’t think I need to explain more. Just look at those jumps.

Reason 4 - Trading wet wetsuit for cozy beanie and socks!

Wearing a 6/4mm wetsuit will keep you from freezing to death but it won’t turn those 5°C into nice and cozy 20°C. Okay Beanie and Socks will also not make you feel like you are sitting under a palm tree but perhaps they have palm trees prints on them 😉

Warm socks to warm up after snow kiting
Life is better in nice cosy socks

Reason 5 - Less drowning and more relaxing.

‘Have a break, have a seat’ will be the slogan for this winters snowkiters. No water but snow below your feet. Meaning a solid, not moving and not escaping type of ground. Which helps a lot in case you like to just stop and take a break. Anywhere you ride you can simply stop and enjoy the view, take a rest, have a sip and have a kitkat.

Reason 6 - Some serious powder slash

We all know the fun of splashing powder. Preferably into our friends face. So here you go another perfect opportunity to do so and share some of that fresh delicious cake with your dear friend!

Enjoying powder snow, photo by Skywalker

Reason 7 - Up the hill

You cannot go up. I mean you can with the lift or snowshoe hiking (for the fit and brave once) or you are simply 5 years old and your dad drags your slide back up the hill with you in the back asking him to go faster. Ahhh good old times. But seriously normally your direction is limited downhill. Except with snowkiting you can go up and up and further. The sky is the limit right. Or in this case the peak.

Getting the hang of the kite, photo by Skywalker

Reason 8 - Up in the clouds

One significant difference between the mountains and the beach is the elevation. From sea level to perhaps up to 1000m or even more. Depending on the weather we are accompanied by clouds. And riding through a blanket of clouds with the sun peeking through every once in awhile is simply beautiful. Christoph from the kiting school Skywalker mentioned that as one of his favorite riding moments.

Snowkiting in atitude
Snowkiting in altitude in Hardangervidda National Park, Norway by NRKbeta

So there they are our top 8 reasons why you should pack your stuff and release your kite to the snowy land it probably already dreams of.

Definitely check out our article with tips for beginners and kitesurfers and see what advice one of Europe's oldest Snowkite schools has for you. Attention! Attention! There is the chance to win a voucher for your first lesson 🙂

P.S. The photos 2, 3, 6 and 7 were taken throughout the Snowkite lessons at Skywalker. They teach at the Feldberg in Germany and Loferer Alm in Austria. If you like check out their website here.

Jessica Eibert
Jessica Eibert

Mountain-lover, paraglider and climber, optimist and globetrotter. Co-founder of The Active Place.