Down Under

Wakeboarding | Bodyboarding | Flowboarding

No waves no wind no problem, here you can go surfing, wakeboarding and bodyboarding no matter the weather.

About Down Under

A great place to learn how to surf, bodyboard and wakeboard even when there are no waves in the north see. There is also a restaurant and there is the possibility to organise birthdays and other parties.

Ravensewetering 1

Nieuwegein | NL

Lesson price indication

14,5€/12-15yo/perperson/1hour wakeboarding
19,5€/From 15yo/perperson/1hour wakeboarding
21,5€/12-15yo/perperson/2hour wakeboarding
25,5€/From 15yo/perperson/2hour wakeboarding
35€/12-15yo/perperson/day card wakeboarding
50€/From 15yo/perperson/day card wakeboarding

Rental price indication

8€ wakeboard/1hour
5€ wetsuit/1hour
13€ wakeboard/2hours
8€ wetsuit/2hour
16€ wakeboard/+2hours
11€ wetsuit/+2hours