Scheveningen on a crowded surf day

A day trip to Hawaii just one hour from Amsterdam


Because you’ll find varied types of waves all year around

First of all, yes there are waves in the North Sea. From small long liners, shallow shorebreak to massive waves, the Netherlands has them all!  So whether you are a short boarder or a longboarder, there will be some waves for you, especially if you like chocolately colored waves. If you’re lucky you’ll even get barreled! Well, if you stay here long enough. At one point in time. It will happen. So when the waves are good, don’t think twice or else you’ll hear “you should have been there yesterday”... Speaking about the consistency of the swell, the winter months are best so don’t limit yourself to summer surfing or you’ll miss the good waves.


beautiful barrel
Beautiful barrel captured by Ruben Snitslaar, Ongetemd.

Because you’ll find by far the most stoked surfers here

Dutch people are probably the most stoked surfers you’ll ever see, no matter the time of the day, the weather, the wave conditions, the temperature or the season! says Eva, manager of Aloha Surf. The surf culture has grown a lot since the last few years. You’ll see surfboard carriers on bicycles, on cars, on vans and people walking in their wetsuit everywhere at anytime. It’s definitively refreshing to feel this positive vibe!

Because the peaks can be pretty crowded

Yes, no need to go all the way to Hawaii for this reason, you can as well stay in the Netherlands. In summer, when the waves are good, it’s not rare to see 200 people in front of Aloha Surf. And in winter, well it’s pretty much the same, only a few degrees celsius lower and slightly thicker wetsuits. The good news is that when the conditions are good, you can pretty much go anywhere along the coast line to find an uncrowded spot!

Surfing in Scheveningen
Surfing in Scheveningen on a busy day

Because you can see dolphins

And friendly seals, and flying fishes, and wild seagulls. Yep, even in the Netherlands! The dutch wild sea life is pretty amazing and you can see all of these in front of Aloha Surf! Wait, what ? Dolphins? Yes, on clean days, when the spot is still not too crowded, you can see dolphins. Well technically they are called porpoise or bruinvis here, but they look pretty much like small brown dolphins. So lots of friendly sea creatures at Aloha Surf and no dangerous sharks, so you can surf in peace!

Bruinvis; Harbour porpoise; Phocoena phocoena
Harbour porpoise seeking eye contact with the photographer.

Because you can surf with pros in the water and even get surf lessons from them

Yes, there are pro surfers in the Netherlands almost the same as in Hawaii, almost!  And, Scheveningen being THE most known surf spot in the Netherlands, you’ll see pretty good surfers in the water. Most of them being also surf teachers, you can get surf lessons from dutchwide known pro surfers! At Aloha, you can take lessons all year around, group lesson, private lesson, kids lessons, just give them a call and they’ll make your wish come true. It’s always the good time and never too late to take a surf lesson, especially with some pros!

Surfer getting barrelled
Surfer getting barrelled, photo by Ray Max, Ongetemd

Because wetsuits kinda days are much cooler than boardshorts kinda days

It’s actually not so great to surf in boardshorts or bikini. With a wetsuit, no sunburn, no rashes, no bad tan, no checking up everything is still at the right place (especially for girls). The wetsuit is definitively the way to go! In winter  a good hooded wetsuit for the cool days is warmly advised. The only downer is that winter suits come in any color you want as long as it’s black. On the other hand, with your hood on, you can surf without being recognised, so if you suck that day, no one has to know!

Cold winter day surfing
Cold winter day surfing, photo by Aloha Surf

Because the water can be pretty warm here too …

… in the showers. Great news for all winter surfers, Aloha Surf has warm showers waiting to warm you up! Nothing’s better than ending a cold winter surf session with a warm shower to get your blood flowing back to your fingers and toes, right? If you think winter surfing is just too cold for you, check out our Active Guide to cold water surfing. Speaking about the North Sea temperature, it can definitively be really warm. Especially when you’re wearing a really thick wetsuit when it’s not necessary.

1st of January, surfing in winter
1st of January, surfing in winter at Aloha Surf

Because you have that ocean view when sitting at this exotic beach café

You can walk barefoot, feel the sand between your toes and check out the surfers in the water while sitting on the terrace of Aloha Surf. With a cosy atmosphere, an obvious beach feeling, an organic and fair-trade menu, located directly on the beach, Aloha Surf is a great place to hangout, before, in between and after your surf sessions. We wish you a great time in this little piece of Hawaii!

Aloha Surf with sunset view
Aloha Surf with sunset view

We hope you had a great time reading and are as convinced as us that Aloha Surf is certainly no less exciting than Hawaii! Mahalo to Eva from Aloha Surf for her kindness and her great input for this article.

Pauline Klieber
Pauline Klieber

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