Costa da Caparica, a little surf gem close to Lisbon

There is actually always something to surf here. Because of Costa’s half protected coastline the big winter swells are working really well here, where in the North it would probably be closing out. But even during the smaller summer months there are fun waves, especially good for longboarding. I guess that’s why LUFI headquarters is also seated here.
In addition, because of Costa’s location, we often get cross/offshore winds where the rest of the Northern part of Portugal will have onshore winds. For teaching surf the conditions are perfect. The space on the endless stretches of sandy beaches make learning to surf very friendly. Because of the 7 jetties along the boulevard it is also for intermediates relatively easy to paddle out and start catching green waves. If it gets too big in the winter time you only have to drive 5 minutes further to the more southern part of Costa where the size drops significantly. In that same direction a bit further south the forrest and nature grows thicker and offers a lot of hiking, biking, snorkelling, diving or kitesurfing possibilities.
📷: Eva Coster, The Magnet Projects
Weather wise, the climate changes a lot once you pass the Sintra mountains in the North of Lisbon and cross the Tagus River to Costa. This climate border makes a huge difference in humidity and temperature of both air and water. The more south you go towards Algarve, the hotter the summers of course will get.
But to me, the best perk of Costa is actually the proximity of Lisbon. You can be in downtown Lisbon in 15 minutes by car or take one of the two ferry lines. This combination of the two: the possibility to have a great surf in the morning and than go in the afternoon for a stroll around town to enjoy the culture a beautiful city like Lisbon has to offer, is great. And the funny thing is, Costa is really not very known and touristy yet. People from Lisbon will come here in the summer for a beach day, but otherwise the foreign tourists and surfers often don’t know about Costa. And if they do, they mostly decide to skip it because of the raw and rough image it has. But if they would stop by they would instead find authentic Portugal.
So, I guess to sum it up, surf and surf teaching on pretty much all levels all year round. Good and milder weather then the wetter and colder parts of North Portugal and the very hot parts in the Algarve. Plenty of other outdoor activities besides surfing. Around the corner of Lisbon, but not touristy at all.

Place to stay

If you are looking for a nice little surf guest house to discover the amazing surfing possibilities of the Costa da Caparica, check out The Magnet Projects

Eva Coster
Eva Coster

I was born in Bangkok, with an early childhood in Togo but grew up in The Hague, The Netherlands - surrounded by sports and art. Today I live in Costa da Caparica, Lisbon's nearest surf beach, where I've opened a small guesthouse with my husband Zoli. Lisbon’s rich culture and the area’s great surfing potential makes this the perfect place to live.