Climber in a crack at penedo da amizade

Climbing towards the castle 🏰 of Moors

Sintra is a place to go when visiting Lisbon in Portugal. Especially the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park on the Sintra Mountain were you can go visit many historical royal buildings and castles including the Pena National Palace (a huge yellow castle) and the Sintra National Palace. But don't forget your climbing gear!

The Castle of Moors pauline klieber

While walking on the romantic walking path from the Vila Sassetti to the castle of the Moors, on the west side of the castle, you'll come across the climbing possibilities of Penedo da Amizade: 72 climbing routes going up to 45 m height from level 3 to 8a. Some climbing routes are starting directly from the path but for most of them you'll have to go on some unbeaten (let's say not as touristy) tracks.

Here is a quick overview of the climbing possibilities you can find on the sector Moura e Norte and the sector Central e Sul.

Penedo da Amizade Topo

We were there on a very busy day but the climbing routes where not too occupied, only the ones with a direct access to the walking path were used by climbers from different nationalities: Spanish, French, Germans. Otherwise, you have free walls almost for yourself!

So go climbing and enjoy the viewΒ πŸ˜ƒ

View form Penedo da Amizade
Penedo da Amizade
climbers in penedo da amizade
Climber in a crack at penedo da amizade
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