Welcome to The Active Place

Here on The Active Place we want to help you connect with outdoor sport enthusiasts and increase your visibility when they are looking for their next adventure. Wether you are a sports facility, a sports school, a rental or you posses valuable information about excellent spots, locations, trails or routes to practice outdoor sports, you found the right place to share your passion and promote your business. 

Our biggest goal is to encourage our users to practice more outdoor and action sports. We believe that we are only able to achieve that goal if we show our users all the great places out there, where they can take their first lesson, rent the right equipment or ride that waves or down that mountain. Help us get more people involved by showing them the great things you offer ! 


For you this means:

  • Increased visibility of your establishment/region to customers from all over Europe
  • Opportunity to target customers that are actually relevant to you¬†
  • No language barrier as we take care of providing a multi-language platform ¬†
  • Ability to inspire our users and your potential customers to be more active


All in all, The Active Place enables you to display the right information at the right time exactly when they are looking for it.

Get your location on The Active Place

We are currently building a NEW platform for The Active Place. It'll be user friendly, easy to navigate and beautifully designed. You'll be found within a few clicks by the users near by and more. By entering your Partner Profile Information right now, you'll be directly displayed as soon as the new website is live.