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5 reasons why skydiving is better than sex

Just in time for the beginning of November it is happening again: the temperature drops, the colour of the sky has changed to a sad dark-grey tone and the wind sweeps passed while the last coloured leaves drop from the trees! Not only on the clocks is the summertime truly over! For skydivers like me, this is also the time when the first withdrawal symptoms emerge and the winter depression starts. Most of my friends think I am overreacting and have no understanding for all for the drama I go through every year. So I thought I need to explain my feelings with something that everybody can relate to, and what would be a better way than a comparison to what most people consider the best feeling in the world: having sex!

Since it is actually very common among parachutists to say that skydiving is better than sex, I gave this thought a try and collected five objective reasons why that is:

1. The duration of the “high-phase”

The orgasm in sex is the free fall for the skydiver. Like the foreplay and after-sex cuddling phase, the plane ride and hanging at your parachute are really nice as well, but not the point of doing it.

Photo: Pierre Luther

While an ordinary orgasm takes only a few seconds, the free fall phase from 4000 meters takes a whole minute. During all that time the body releases hormones that give you an absolute high. And speaking about hormones:

2. The hormones

During sex, the body releases mostly oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of love, binding and thus a calm and relaxing happiness.  Skydiving, on the other hand, makes you produce adrenaline. Now this hormone prepares you for a “fight-or-flight” situation and gives you a strong, powerful, exited happiness. Now you decide which one sounds like more fun! 😉

3. The variety

One of my favorite parts about skydiving is the high variety of the sport. You can do it alone, with some other people or in a huge group. You can go with different people every time, from different heights and fall in all kinds of positions. That works for sex too, you say? Well, tell me that again after you asked your partner about it! Unlike for sexual partnerships, your skydiving partner will always love the idea to bring in more people and different ideas to spice up the action.

Photo: Andreas Jankowsky.

4. Calorie consumption

Yes, you are reading correctly: While many people consider “falling from the sky” not even as a real sport, the calorie consumption is actually really high while skydiving. It is widely known that sexual activity burns a lot of calories, but even in this discipline it is surpassed by skydiving. 1 minute of skydiving burns 3kcal, 1minute of active sexual activity burns only 1kcal.

Moreover, one of the nice side effects of adrenalin is the release of glucose that your body needs to cope with the stressful situation you are in. So your body tackles the fat reserves and converts them back to energy. Adrenaline also suppresses appetite and is therefore not only a fun hormone, but also helps you to lose weight.

Photo: Carmen Alt

5. The view

Well I have to admit, depending on your partner and the place you chose to have sex, the view can also be very nice. But let’s face it; often it is also just the ceiling of your bedroom or a bedpost. Not really exciting! If you go skydiving, you are guaranteed a great lookout on endless different settings like mountains, the seaside, cities and their skylines and many, many others.

After reading my little list I hope you could get a small idea why skydiving really is the absolute best feeling you can get and if I managed to get any of you curious and you want to try it out yourself, check out the closest skydiving schools on The Active Place, VERY SOON!

Carmen Alt
Carmen Alt

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